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About Password Generator app:

Password Generator app helps you to Generate Strong Random Passwords. This free app is designed to generate random & secure passwords to use whenever you need to use a Strong password. With the Password Generator, you will get a secure password without manual hurdles & personal bias. This App Generates Passwords on your device so you can use it with “peace of mind”. Your Generated Password is never transmitted over the Internet. Just Choose the Number of characters & Your Password will be generated automatically. Want A More Strong Password? Not to Worry, Just Move the slider to the Right & Adjust the level of Password Strength & Security. All Passwords Generated with Password Generator app is pseudo-random.

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Password Generator Features:

  • Instantly Generates password with our Recommended Settings
  • Customizable Passwords Length to generate Complex Impossible-to-crack passwords with Use of numbers, Uppercase-Lowercase letters, and symbols
  • Option Choose Which Characters to use in Your New Password
  • Instantly Generates Password Without Click
  • Unlimited Re-generate Password Option
  • All generated Generated Passwords are cryptographically secure pseudo-random Passwords
  • Completely Private: Your passwords are never stored or transmitted over the Web

How Password Generator Works:

Whenever you Open the Password Generator App, this app Generates one Secure Random Password for you without any manual Inputs or settings. You can use the Generated password or Regenerate a new Password by clicking on the Regenerate Symbol/button. If you want to adjust Password length you can use the Character Slider to adjust as per your need. Not That, You can also select uppercase-lowercase letters, Symbol & Number Options to generate password as per your need. To Avoid Confusion with Similar looking Characters you have to choose the “Avoid Ambiguity” option which will eliminate similar-looking characters ( i, l, 1, L, o, 0, O) from Generated Password.

Can Password Generator App Generate Strong Passwords?

Our Password Generator is powerful Enough to Generate Random, Strong & Secure passwords. You can adjust Password Length & Include symbols to make it more complex & Impossible-to-crack.

Password Tips & Tricks

In the Digital Era, Absolute security is a myth. Password Generator can generate Secure & Random Passwords but can not assure you that they can not be hacked & cracked. Sometimes Hackers may steal your passwords due to your mistakes or carefree handling of passwords.

Why to Use Random Passwords?

While generating a new password you might be prejudiced against certain words, numbers, characters, or names & you ended up using them in your new password. This can help the hackers do guesswork to break your password with a little effort. With Avoid this, You can use Password Generator App to generate completely Random & unbiased Passwords.

Expert Tips for Generating Best Password

Here are some tips you can follow to generate the best password which is secure, strong & Impossible-to-crack
  1. Use Mix of upper case & lower Case in Your password
  2. Include Special Characters & Symbols
  3. Do not use personal information in your passwords. e.i. Name, Birth Date, House Number, Lucky Number, Birth Year, vehicle number, postcodes, ID card numbers, Security Numbers, etc...
  4. Never use dictionary words in your passwords
  5. Avoid Generating Passwords with Similar patterns
  6. Do Not Use Common Password everywhere
  7. Always use Completely New, Random & Secure password having a mix of Letters, Numbers & Symbols

You can use the Password Generator app to Generate the Best password you need.

Steps to Secure Your Password

Here are some tips to Secure Your Password from Hackers

  • Do not Use Name, Birth Date, House Number, Lucky Number, Birth Year, vehicle number, postcodes, ID card numbers, Security Numbers, etc.. in Your Password
  • Always check website Address before entering username password
  • Do not Enter Password in Over insecure Internet Connection
  • Do not Log in With username & password in public WI-FI Hotspots, shared computer & Public Computers
  • Whenever you're using a username & password in Public Networks, Decrypt your connection with a private VPN using Secure Protocols to avoid sniffing of your data by Intruder.
  • Change Your Password every 12 week
  • Setup 2-Step verification so that one can access your account with Just username & Password by creating an additional Layer of Login Security
  • Turn-ON/ Setup Login Alert option to Get Alert every time your accounts get logged in so can secure your accounts if you receive suspicious login alerts.
  • Do not store your critical passwords in the Browsers, Plain Text, or in Online Note-Taking Apps
  • Access important websites via secure & private connection only if possible
  • Protect Your Computer, Mobile & Internet with Firewall, Antivirus & Security Softwares to avoid the risk of Your Installed app stealing your passwords & Important Information
  • Keep your Software updated with the Latest release & Regularly check your system for possible risky Software/App

Commonly Used weak passwords:

Here are Some Commonly Used Weak Passwords. If you're using any, Please change it as soon as possible & do not use it in the future.

  • 123456
  • 12345678
  • password
  • qwerty
  • Iloveyou
  • password1
  • abc123
  • admin
  • qwertyuiop
  • 1q2w3e4r

Is password generator safe?

Online password generators can never be truly random as they are generated based on pseudo-random methods in which the selected character is random but the method is not. Since Passwords Generated is very complex & Non-Dictionary Words chances of guessing your password or being able to access your account are near to impossible. There are billions of variations of character sequences that can be produced by a password generator with Just 12 characters.

Overall, It’s safe & Advisable to use a password generator for your Safe, Secure & Random Passwords without any prejudice. Our Password generator App’s settings are configured to create lengthy passwords containing letters, numbers, and special characters, You can Count us for creating Safe Passwords for All Your Online Accounts. But Don’t forget to generate a new password for each of your Accounts as Password Generator App can Produce Unlimited Random Safe Passwords & Free to use.

Recommended Password Length

Password Length depends upon the system/App/Website for which you are generating a password. If the system/App/Website has an adequate Security policy, Brute Force Attacks preventive measures & Using secure protocols, an 8 (Eight) character complex password will provide you with adequate security. But Our password Generator app suggests you create a password with at least 12 characters having a mix of letters, Numbers & Symbols. Default password Generated with the app is 12 characters long & You can adjust the Character length & complexity of the same as per your need.

Password Difficulty Reason
00000000 Weak commonly used Password
tom@123 Weak Contain Name & Sequence of Numbers
My3FV4VhXm)] Strong Random with the combination of Mixed Case, Number & Symbols
d:Gl/Ah1J+m&zXI,9e Very Strong Random with the combination of Mixed Case, Number & Symbols. The length of the Password is long enough
P@$$word Weak Commonly Used Password
USA@123456 Weak Easy to guess, Contains Country Name and basic numbers
log#@93657 Medium contain Personal Identifiable Information PIN code of California
iLOVEindia Weak Commonly Used Password with the combination of County Name & Dictionary words.
T@$145 Weak Lenght is Short.
AJDIPAKKDHHH Medium Only Upper case. Use Lowercase, Numbers & Symbols for Added Security.
975362147853 Weak Only Number Used. The number has a very limited combination compared to Letters & Symbols.

FAQs for Password Generator

How do you create a password?

Generating Passwords is a Simple & Automatic Process. Just Open Page & Copy Your Secure Password. That's it. Don’t Like Passwords? No Problem Just Press Regenerate & Get a New Password instantly. Each time you will get a Unique & Random Password.

How to create a Strong password?

Follow Steps to Create A Strong Password that is Secure & Impossible to Crack.
Must be at least 12 character Long
Should Contain a mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters.
Must contain at least one special character, e.g., ! $ = + @ # ? ]
It Must be an unpredictable mixture of letters, Numbers, and Symbols.
Should Not Include Dictionary Words or Personal Information

How do random password generators work?

A random password generator is a Program, hardware device, or tool that is designed to automatically generate a password using Set of parameters such as including mixed-case letters, numbers, symbols, and Setting up Password Length. This tool Randomly generates a password based on conditions with a Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number Generation method.

What makes a strong password 2021?

A strong password must include lower-case and upper-case letters, Special symbols, and numbers for Complexity & Security. The Combination of Special characters, Case & Numbers makes your password Impossible to Guess & break.

Which password is the strongest?

Characteristics of strong passwords At least 12 characters Long- the more characters, the better. A mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters. Must contain at least one special character, e.g., ! $ = + @ # ? ] A mixture of letters, Numbers, and Symbols. Must Not Include Dictionary Words or Personal Information. E.g., Name, DOB, House Number, Postcodes ]

What is the best password generator? is the Best Password Generator App that we have created till now keeping all of your needs in mind. With this App, You Can Not only Generate passwords But Also Adjust its Setting to Get Passwords as per your requirements. If you frequently need custom settings for Your Password, With Just one Toggle You can configure the Password Generator app to create a password as per your requirement every time you visit the page., No Manual Setting each time.

Why do we need a password generator?

We need A password generator App to Create a strong password that is Random, Secure, Strong without any Personal influence. The primary objective of using a Password generator is the creation of strong and unpredictable passwords whenever you need a secure password.

What is a good 8 character password?

A good 8 character password is a combination of Uppercase- Lowercase letters, Numbers & Symbols which is random & Impossible to guess.

What makes a password strong?

The Main Components of a strong password are Password length (the longer is the better); a mix of letters (combination of upper and lower case), numbers, and Special Characters, no Connection with your personal information, and no dictionary words.

Why should my password be unique?

If You Use the Same Password for All Your Accounts, You Will be at Risk of Losing all Your account if hackers gain access to the login details for one of the services that you use, they can then use that information to access any of your other online Accounts/Services where you have used the same password. Using a unique password for each account will Protect you in the event of a data breach in one of the services you use. With The Password Generator, You will Get a Unique password each time You Generate a Password, For Added Security You can use 2 Step Verifications or 2FA.

Why should my password be random?

You Should Choose a Random Password to avoid bad actors doing guesswork to access your accounts with brute force attacks. Random Password will eliminate that risk of being hacked with Guessed passwords. You Can try to Generate true random passwords.

Is the Password Generator App safe to use?

Password Generator App is absolutely safe to get Secure Random Passwords for all your needs. You can only access this secure app prom “HTTPS” secure protocol. This app Generates a Secure password on your browser & Never transmits generated passwords on the Internet.

Why should I use a password generator?

Password generators can save you from Hacking fraud and other cyber security threats by creating Random, secure and strong passwords. However, You should always check the compatibility of passwords with online services & Accounts. If compatible, Generate Lengthy & complex passwords with the help of a password generator.

What is a bad password?

There is No straight rule by which that can describe a password good or bad.
Here are the characteristics of Bad Passwords.

  • Includes any part of your Name/Email Id/ Username in password
  • Includes Characters, in order, on the first row of your keyboard or Numberpad (‘qwerty’,’12345678’)
  • Includes your birthday, house number, social security number, or other meaningful numbers attached to you
  • Use Default Words ‘password’ or ‘Admin’ as your password
  • Using the same Passwords or a Small set of Handful passwords on multiple websites/Services/Accounts
  • Using Small Password
  • Using Same Password for Long Period of time
  • Includes Dictionary words
  • Is not Complex
  • Easy to guess
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